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coachella 2010.054 Coachella 2010For those who don’t know, in addition to wedding photography one of my passions is music photography. I really enjoy the fast pace of music photography, all the great bands and pretty lights. Speaking of Pretty Lights, I photographed them at the Independent in San Francisco a few months ago.  I ended up shooting them on Friday and again on Saturday at a private Pool party. Its amazing seeing an artist perform in front of 8 thousand people in a tent and again for a 200 person pool party. This was my 3rd year photographing at Coachella, and probably the best. For the first few years we stayed in a Worldmark resort condos with various groups. This year we had a house in Palm Desert, 15 minutes from the venue, and an amazing pool which we turned into a giant hottub due to our lacof expertise in pool heating. This was not a record breaking year for pool parties, only two. However, we did go to the venue all three days, and saw at least parts of the headliners, which did not always happen.  On top of great organization in planning and accommodations, we ended up with a really great group of people. Our house had 9 people, most of whom I did not know before the trip.  We ended up having a lot of fun together, and hopefully we’ll reconnect next year. My highlights from the music standpoint were the Gorillaz, Tiesto, Deadmou5, Pretty Lights, Hot Chip, Phoenix, MGMT, Major Lazer, and the Do Lab tent.  Big shout out to the Metrowize crew for making it all happen.  Can’t wait to do Coachella next year. At the rate we are doing this event every year, I would not be surprised if we have our own pool party next year. Till next time Coachella!

coachella 2010.243 Coachella 2010

coachella 2010.172 Coachella 2010

coachella 2010.188 Coachella 2010


Coachella 2010 photos

IndiOasis Pool Party 4/18/10

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I got a few interior gigs lined up this month. I finished up one assignment of a very unique new spot in San Francisco. It has a maritime charm, drinks with absinthe and private liqour lockers. Designer’s name is Lauren Geremia who was on site to make the place look perfect.

p816147357 3 Aventine in San Franciscop943402108 3 Aventine in San Franciscop565447649 3 Aventine in San Franciscop1029481976 3 Aventine in San Franciscop665797948 3 Aventine in San Francisco

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Weather was perfect at this year’s Lovefest, a tradition which stated in 2004. In its 3rd year the event drew over 65,000 people and tons of DJs with a party that started at 12pm on Saturday and just kept going through Sunday night at various parties all around the city. This year I decided to go under the radar and freelance for my buddies at Their high profiles sponsorship at the event made more sense for me to put down my phatcatphoto hat, and give them the best exposure with my photos. The event was great, although I did not keep track of which DJ was playing where, going from one stage to the next. The experience was amplified by a bit of pre partying, getting away from the sun at our friend Jason Knight’s place, located not too far from the Civic Center. As always, I don’t like to go into too many details, and give my photos a voice, enjoy!
For a more comprehensive album click here, these are just the highlights from the event.

lovefest 9 29 061 Lovefest 2007 hits San Franciscolovefest 9 29 058 Lovefest 2007 hits San Franciscolovefest 9 29 050 Lovefest 2007 hits San Franciscolovefest 9 29 004 Lovefest 2007 hits San Franciscolovefest 9 29 016 Lovefest 2007 hits San Franciscolovefest 9 29 163 Lovefest 2007 hits San Franciscolovefest 9 29 170 Lovefest 2007 hits San Franciscolovefest 9 29 111 Lovefest 2007 hits San Franciscolovefest 9 29 055 Lovefest 2007 hits San Francisco

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