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Last week I had an opportunity to shoot a bar and grill in Denver for the owner, builder and the designer.  This 3 in 1 deal worked out quite well, especially since I got to spend time with my cousin Jenia Kosoy, who happens to be the lead designer on the project. I don’t typically blog about non-wedding endeavors, but this one deserves a special mention. Jenia, did an amazing job creating this place, and I can honestly say that I am impressed. What’s random is that we have the same name (Gene is Jenia in Russian), but our last names although the same are from two different Kosoy lineages.  Kosoy is an extremely rare name, so go figure.  Enjoy the photos…

hodsons6.14.10.006 Hodsons Shoot 6.14.10hodsons6.14.10.014 Hodsons Shoot 6.14.10hodsons6.14.10.027 Hodsons Shoot 6.14.10Untitled Panorama5 copy Hodsons Shoot 6.14.10

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This week I shot a really nice Japanese restaurant, Umami, over in the Marina.  I am not an expert at shooting spaces, but this one being about the 12th location I’ve shot this year, I am getting a hang of it. The interior is a combination of various concepts from contemporary and traditional Japanese styles. I enjoyed shooting the restaurant, since it has many interesting angles, and layers.  I took about 20 good shots of the space, and here are a few of the ones I liked best.

p124981849 3 Umami interior shoot 11.24.8p33326990 3 Umami interior shoot 11.24.8 p256605446 3 Umami interior shoot 11.24.8p44793233 3 Umami interior shoot 11.24.8p464997913 3 Umami interior shoot 11.24.8

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I got a few interior gigs lined up this month. I finished up one assignment of a very unique new spot in San Francisco. It has a maritime charm, drinks with absinthe and private liqour lockers. Designer’s name is Lauren Geremia who was on site to make the place look perfect.

p816147357 3 Aventine in San Franciscop943402108 3 Aventine in San Franciscop565447649 3 Aventine in San Franciscop1029481976 3 Aventine in San Franciscop665797948 3 Aventine in San Francisco

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