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It’s the next best thing to the real Burning Man experience. Definetely had a bit of a flshback to 5 weeks ago. Great party, and as always CODA sound was off the hook.
If you missed my burning man photos, click here:
collage Burning Man Decompression 2007

decomp10 7 011 Burning Man Decompression 2007decomp10 7 021 Burning Man Decompression 2007decomp10 7 046 Burning Man Decompression 2007decomp10 7 089 Burning Man Decompression 2007decomp10 7 117 Burning Man Decompression 2007decomp10 7 129 Burning Man Decompression 2007decomp10 7 024 Burning Man Decompression 2007

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Wow, where can I begin….If you haven’t been you should go, and if you have you’ll never forget it. Despite the dust storms, wind, heat, rain and lack of preparation it was a great experience. From a photography standpoint, I’ve never been in a more inspirational place in my entire life. I was able to draw energy from this blank canvas, seeing the artists paint their vision, and even quicker destroy everything and leave it in the same condition for next year’s burn. Initially I did not take alot of photos, but later in the week the camera came out, untill I had no more battery power left. Take a look at the photos for yourself. Enjoy!

More photos

p819178286 3 Burning Man 2007p934816715 4 Burning Man 2007p775159812 4 Burning Man 2007p627090964 3 Burning Man 2007p923277925 4 Burning Man 2007p999282944 3 Burning Man 2007p887931588 4 Burning Man 2007p744752219 3 Burning Man 2007p1031296238 4 Burning Man 2007p920858693 3 Burning Man 2007p696346027 3 Burning Man 2007p955708915 4 Burning Man 2007p1050569579 3 Burning Man 2007

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