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I am happy to take on destination weddings worldwide. Over the past few years I have shot a number of destination weddings, and have written several articles in National publications, assisting brides to find the perfect location for their wedding. Destinations such as the Dominican Republic offer a great alternative to a traditional wedding near home. The excitement of travel, an exotic vacation,and a celebration of a lifetime all combine to make a truly memorable experience for the couple as well as their guests.

Traveling to various locations for my research and shoots, I have developed a taste for destination weddings and would like to offer my findings and options to couples. It is easy to get sucked into a resort wedding; just do a Google search on destination weddings in any specific region. And such a wedding will surely be nice.  However, with some creativity and the right help, it is possible to take the destination wedding experience to the next level and create an even greater setting. For instance, villa rentals are not that much more expensive than a resort when factoring the number of people staying there, and sometimes even can be a better deal, especially around low season. A room can cost a couple less than $100 a night, and the couple and guests get a much more intimate experience. For larger parties, guests can group up at adjacent villas, with the ceremony taking place at the property best suited for a ceremony and reception. I hope this growing list will be a good guide and resource for the planning couples.


Colombia Destination Weddings

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Colombia is way under-appreciated for weddings, offering some amazing deals. When touring Colombia in search of the ultimate wedding venue, I came across dozens of hidden gems that would make for a memorable experience. The world is changing fast. The Colombia of today is very different from that of 20 years ago, and has changed dramatically even over the past 5 years, becoming a safe travel destination. Cartagena, for instance, is extremely safe and offers world-class wedding options. Colombia is gaining ground as a target for destination weddings, but for the time being it is still a bit off the radar.

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Dominican Republic Destination Weddings

dominican republic destination wedding1 Destination WeddingsFor something a bit closer to the US, the Dominican Republic is a great option for couples looking for an exotic destination without too long of a flight. It is a good option for West Coast couples, but an even closer option for the East Coast and adjoining states.  The beaches are amazing, and the Dominican Republic as a whole is not overly developed, maintaining that appealing old country vibe. Having driven around most of the country, I have seen various differences between the Southern and Northern parts. In the South there are dozens of resorts and tourist destinations. The beaches are lined with hotels, which is great for some people, but I prefer open space and more intimate settings. When I came to the North I found the best of both worlds. Places like Puerto Plata have many of the big chain resorts.  However, driving down to Sousa, Cabarette, and Cabrera, the landscape becomes much more genuine. Traveling along the coastal highways you are exposed to local culture, seeing the beauty all around. There are some amazing villas and resorts tucked away all along this coast. I found that this is one of the best options for destination weddings, and have visited a dozen villas that can handle wedding parties of various sizes.

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Bali Destination Weddings

bali 180 Destination WeddingsIf you are looking for a more tranquil wedding experience in a spiritual setting, there is something very special about Bali, Indonesia. This paradise island maintains its traditions and customs. The people are some of the nicest anywhere in the world, and the service is spectacular. There are some amazing wedding options on the island ranging from 5 star resorts to private villas. It is quite a journey from the States, however it is a very nice option.

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